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Who we are

Flexible Australia (Flexible) was established in the ACT in 1999 to service the needs of Canberra and the surrounding region. It has successfully grown into a modern service company with substantial investments in modern and up-to-date, plant and equipment.

What we do

As a service organisation, we specialise in infrastructure maintenance, specifically for matters such as:

  • Sewer and stormwater maintenance and cleaning
  • Gross Pollutant Trap (GPT) maintenance and cleaning
  • CCTV surveying of conduit systems and structures
  • Smoke testing and leak detection in closed systems
  • Vacuum eduction (uploading) of fluids or solids from access structures, industrial locations, or municipal infrastructure
  • High-pressure surface cleaning of pedestrian areas, spillage areas, or trauma sites
  • Hydro excavation for service locating and of inaccessible or high-risk sites to prevent damage to in-ground services.

How we operate

Our fleet of specialised vehicles

We operate a highly specialised fleet of Kaiser combination water recycling units and high-pressure vacuum trucks. These vehicle-mounted systems are capable of sucking up vast quantities of dry goods and fluids.

Dry materials are contained on board and can be transferred to landfill or other storage areas.

Fluids and mixed solids such as sewerage, floodwater or industrial waste can be vacuumed and the fluids passed through a high-pressure filtering system separating out solids and other waste, leaving recycled water. The recycled water can then be used for jetting purposes such as high-pressure cleaning of sewer lines, sumps and other networked systems.

Self-sufficient and fully automatic water cleaning system

The combination water recycling units are a completely self-sufficient and fully automatic water cleaning system. They provide access to an endless supply of recycled water. As such, there are no limits as to how much water we use, as the unit is designed for continuous operation.

Green Fleet

We operate a ‘Green Fleet’ of vehicles. Our vehicles comply with stringent European exhaust emission standards. Our vehicles are rated as EURO3, EURO4, or EURO5 low emission vehicles. The variation is linked to the vehicle manufacture date, with EURO3 being the emission standard for the year 2000.

We recycle our waste

Using our specialised fleet of combination recycler vehicles and associated equipment, we are able to recycle large amounts of waste collected. Our machines are purpose built for this level of recycling, with as little as possible ending up in the landfill.  Even the water we use to clean pipework and associated structures is recycled through specially designed high-pressure filters.

Our combination recycler units are ideal tools for all types of stormwater and pipeline work, as well as the clearing and cleaning of vats, tanks and storage chambers. These powerful vacuum suction units enable us to remove all materials including all types of wet and dry materials, litter, silt and sediment, vegetative matter, as well as any wastewater from urban runoff. Through the unit’s inbuilt high-pressure filtering system, we are able to re-use any captured water for washing down and cleaning the insides of pipework, structures and unblocking any blocked inflows.

Recyclable materials

We ensure that, wherever possible, all recyclable materials recovered during day-to-day activities are sorted and deposited at the appropriate recycling centres. For example, shopping trolleys are returned to the appropriate supermarket and if they do not accept them, which can often be the case, the shopping trolleys are deposited at the metal recyclers.

After all recyclable materials are removed and deposited at the appropriate centres; the remaining waste is deposited at the landfill. This process prevents thousands of tons of waste a year being deposited at the landfill.